• Watertree Health MVP Spotlight: Midge Edmond

    “Midge Edmond, mother of 10 and grandmother of 24 (going on 25), lives between Georgia and South Carolina, and has been a Watertree Health® Service Representative for about 4 years...."
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Our Co-Founder Matt Herfield has spent years in the health care industry. Early in his career, he witnessed patients telling their doctors that they didn’t know how they were going to pay for their medications because they didn’t have full Rx ... Read More
Watertree Health® is a privately held company that was founded in 2010 to make health care products and services more accessible to all people in America. It is our goal is to provide better solutions for health care delivery.... Read More
Through our partnerships with the nation’s leading prescription claims administrators (known as Pharmacy Benefit Managers), we represent millions of cardholders buying similar prescriptions, which means we have the power ... Read More