Our Co-Founder’s Inspiration

Our Co-Founder Matt Herfield has spent years in the health care industry, and early in his career, he discovered a major flaw—health care is not as accessible as it should be.

Matt witnessed uninsured patients raising concerns about paying for their medications and being subject to high out-of-pocket prices. He also saw insured patients facing similar issues when prescription coverage was limited or not included in their plans. For example, when many seniors reach the gap in their annual Medicare coverage by mid-year, they have to pay for their medicines out-of-pocket.This lack of accessibility to medications inevitably led to consequences: people unable to pay for medicines essential to their health, people opting out of treatments recommended by their doctors, and/or people rationing their doses. No matter what measures patients were taking to get by, they were not getting the medicines they needed and they certainly were not getting better.

Matt decided to tackle this problem head-on by founding Watertree Health® in 2010. He also determined that, by aligning with nonprofits addressing health in their communities, he could make a bigger impact. The following year Matt introduced our industry-leading free prescription discount card program benefiting charities, which not only provides significant savings, but also triggers a donation to an organization each time cardholders save, at no cost to them. This program helps make medicines more affordable for everyone–regardless of their income or insurance situation–and provides an ongoing revenue stream for the vital work of the nonprofits Make-A-Wish®, regional Food Banks, the ASPCA®, and the National Kidney Foundation®.

And Watertree Health doesn’t simply rely on having a strong web presence to make sure everyone has access to the Prescription Discount Card. We work with local representatives who give out cards in their communities to ensure that no one is excluded for any reason.