man lifting dumbbell with mobile device and fitness equipment in background

6 Apps to Help Meet Your Fitness Goals

by Shane Power, President of Watertree Health

Technology is becoming more advanced by the minute, which has granted us the ability to improve many industries
especially health. From fast-tracking new medical research to the development of new medications, tech is the driving force behind many of the advancements we see. Let’s discuss how technology has changed the way we think about health and health care.

Improving the Health Industry

Many of you may have experienced at hospitals, clinics, and other health organizations the use of patient portals where users can access lab results, schedule appointments, message doctors, and more. This has allowed institutions to digitize their records and improve patient care. This change creates a speedy and more interactive encounter between patient and doctor, as well as other health professionals.

Health Tech On-The-Go

As you’re probably aware, an influx of mobile health applications has also surfaced during the health-tech revolution. Reports show that 95% of all people in America have a mobile device, and since 2014, the use of health and fitness mobile applications has increased by 330%. People can now monitor their vitals from the comfort of their phones, and more importantly, keep themselves accountable by viewing daily progress. Whatever your fitness goals may be, here is a list of some apps that may help manage your health.

Weight Management Apps: Log your meals all in one place.
General Health Apps: Best for tracking daily physical activity.  
Workout Apps: Provides a wide variety of exercises to choose from, which make a great addition to gym or home-based workouts.  

Monitoring your health and fitness goals is now easier than ever. I personally feel motivated tracking my progress and seeing improvements using apps like those recommended above. However, there are thousands of resources availableit’s all about finding what’s right for you. Share this story with friends and family and stay healthy!