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Four Years and Counting

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health

It’s been nothing short of an honor to have been president of Watertree Health for the past four years. With my team, we’ve helped change the lives of millions and forged incredible partnerships with leading nonprofits that have helped accelerate our mutual missions.

Watertree Health’s mission is simpleit’s your health. Unfortunately, we all know that maintaining good health today comes with challenges. I often ask myself, what more can we do? How can we serve our communities around us even more? For us, the answer is: keep people at the center of what we do. With this in mind, we began laying the foundation of programs that would help those who need it most.

Our goal to improve the health of individuals started with helping people better afford their prescriptions. Millions of individuals aren’t taking their medications as prescribed because they can’t pay for them. I’m proud to state that we’ve helped people save about $500 million on their vital medicines to-date.

Seeking to improve the health of as many people as possible has also led us to join forces with organizations that share our passion. We began with an alliance with The Food Bank of Rio Grande Valley and are now partnered with 15 regional food banks to help provide nutritious meals to people who would otherwise go hungry. To-date, we’ve donated almost 3 million meals to children, seniors, hard-working families, and veterans in need.

It’s this dedication that led us to partner with Make-A-Wish  to help change the lives of children with critical illnesses. Granting wishes gives children the opportunity to see things beyond their condition, to enjoy life with the ones they love most, and importantly, to improve their medical outcomes. Understanding the power of a wish is the fuel we’ve used to help grant almost 400 wishes so far.    

Our communities have grown to include pets, too. The ASPCA shares our mission to help get more cats and dogs adopted into loving families and, in turn, help improve the health of their owners. People with pets have been shown to live happier lives through reduced stress, depression, and anxiety. To date, we’ve helped improve the welfare of hundreds of animals through our program with the ASPCA.  

Most recently, we’ve joined efforts with the National Kidney Foundation to help raise awareness, prevention, and treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD). 1 in 3 people are at risk for CKD but don’t know it; and sadly, 13 people die each day while waiting for a kidney transplant.

Achieving these milestones with my team has been amazing. The growth we’ve seen over the last four years has shown us that a lot of good can be accomplished when like-minded individuals unite. However, there is a bittersweet reality. While we’ve helped improve the lives of so many, I know our work is nowhere near finished. The continuation of increasing prescription costs, hunger in America, animal homelessness and abuse, critically ill children, and poor diet & lack of exercise possibly leading to CKD are all reasons we keep pushing harder each day.

We have our work cut out for us, but improving the health of people in our communities is our “why”why we do what we do. It will be my honor to lead our team to new and exciting accomplishments in the coming years.