Watertree Health President Offers Some Relief for Migraine Sufferers

Destin, FL – June 3, 2015 – June is National Migraine Awareness Month—a time to review how this medical condition affects so many people.

More than 36 million people in America live with migraines, and up to a third or more of them are not receiving optimal treatment, due in part to prescription migraine medications being too expensive or not being covered by health insurance.

While most sufferers experience migraines once or twice a month, 14 million people or about 4% have chronic daily headaches. Their attacks occur at least 15 days per month. Many insurance companies limit the number of doses per month that are covered, in many cases to only 4 pills. This poses a real problem for chronic migraine sufferers who can’t afford the high out-of-pocket price of their prescription medicine.

Given migraines interfere with a sufferer’s ability to function in everyday life, many live with the fear that they’ll run out of pills. It has been reported that they try to scrimp and hoard each month. People with these severe headaches sometimes adopt harmful behavior. For example, they may delay taking their expensive prescription medication, which may only make it worse. They also may self-medicate using over-the-counter medication, taking too much and actually causing headaches from over-usage.

“It is unacceptable that people with migraines suffer because they can’t pay for their prescription medications,” said Watertree Health President Shane Power. “Watertree Health’s free Prescription Discount Card can provide much-needed relief. It is readily available to anyone and can save up to 75 percent on prescription migraine medications.”

The Watertree Health Prescription Discount Card is free and accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies, including independent drug stores and national & regional chains such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and Rite Aid. The Card can be used by people with a health plan—to fill in gaps of coverage—or by individuals who are uninsured. To obtain a Card, visit
www.watertreehealthcard.com or text CARD to 95577.

Consumers can easily find the lowest discounted Rx drug prices with the Card, at pharmacies close to them, by using the Watertree Health Greatest Prescription Savings (GPS) online resource. Medications commonly prescribed for migraines, heart disease, thyroid problems, heartburn, diabetes, asthma and other health issues can be looked up on the GPS tool found at:

About Watertree Health
Watertree Health was founded in 2010 to address the growing need for accessible health care products and services in America. The Company’s mission is to help people improve their lives by improving their health. Watertree Health’s founders believe everyone should be able to afford their medicines. The Company launched the free Prescription Discount Card in 2011 to help the tens of millions of people in America without adequate prescription coverage.

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