Watertree Health’s Call to Action Turns into Almost 500 Thousand Meals for American Families

Watertree Health’s Call to Action Turns into Almost 500 Thousand Meals for American Families

New York, NY…June 26, 2014 – There are 49 million Americans who live in food-­‐ insecure households, according to Feeding America, this includes 16 million children. Which makes the following number equally compelling − almost 500 thousand meals and counting, made possible through a partnership between local Food Banks across the country and Watertree Health, a company that distributes free Prescription Discount Cards.

Each time a script is discounted using a Food Bank branded Prescription Discount Card, administered by Watertree Health, a donation is made. The funds are not tied to profit and 100% are given to the Food Bank partners.

The partnership began with the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley, under the leadership of CEO Terri Drefke. It has been rolling out to others across the country for almost two years. Shane Power, President of Watertree Health says, “It was a natural fit because, when people don’t have enough to eat, it is easier for them to get sick and stay sick longer.” It is recognized that many who are food insecure are more likely not to have adequate health insurance or prescription coverage.

Finding a way to fulfill two needs during difficult times – providing access to affordable prescription medicines and feeding America’s hungry -­‐ serves as a great incentive to those who are a part of the company. “Sometimes, it’s not just about earning a living, but it’s about the good you can do while providing for your family,” says Brian Chavez, Food Bank Program Manager for Watertree Health.

Terri Drefke, of Food Bank RGV, credits the program with helping them maintain a healthy community. “Clients who may not have gotten their prescriptions filled will do so because they have a discount card. And it also brings in some needed unrestricted funds to the Food Bank.”

Watertree Health’s CEO Matt Herfield is pushing for more, “We want to increase the number of meals our partnership provides. I feel that we have the momentum to do so.” That momentum comes from more individuals, with health care coverage using the card to off-­‐set high deductibles, and high co-­‐pays; as well as seniors on Medicare who have hit the “donut hole”.

To get a card that helps the local Food Bank partners provide meals through the Watertree Health program, click here. Hunger in America is a real crisis, but one that we can all help address.

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