Our Management Team

We're building a platform of excellence as a business partner, and through the people we have identified to form our management team.

Watertree Health's management team is made up of like-minded individuals who strongly believe in our mission to help those in need maintain their health and well-being.

Matt Herfield and Ronnie Harris, our Co-Founders, knew that in order to grow a strong business, they had to attract the best and brightest minds. Our team is made up of futurists who are continually thinking about the next wave of solutions to ensure that even the most vulnerable among us never have to make critical choices that endanger their ability to remain healthy.

Shane Power, our President, has embraced this vision. Under his leadership, in 2015 alone, we surpassed our $70 million goal and saved our Prescription Discount Cardholders $84 million on medication costs, representing a growth of 62% versus the prior year. In addition, last year we helped grant 43 wishes in 16 local chapters of the Make–A-Wish® Foundation, and donations to 15 local Food Bank partners provided almost 1,000,000 meals.

Matt Herfield, Co-Founder

Matthew Herfield is CEO of Potentis Capital, a private equity firm that specializes in growth equity and recapitalization. The company invests in health care & health related services as well as other growth sectors and strives to build strong partnerships with socially responsible companies that have the potential to drive innovation.

In 2010, Matt co-founded Watertree Health to help make essential health care products and services more accessible to all people in America. Working in the industry, he saw across the country the growing need for affordable medicines by the tens of millions of people without full prescription coverage, and launched the Prescription Discount Card. Matt created joint ventures between Watertree Health and the nation's leading Pharmacy Benefit Managers, and put together the foundation for our company's management team.

Prior to Watertree Health, Matt was Founder and CEO of a company that specialized in point-of-care pharmaceutical dispensing. Under his leadership, the company developed a strong sales force working in more than 20 states and servicing the needs of clients that included many of the top clinics in the United States.

Matt began his professional career working at Metropolitan Hospitality, eventually becoming President of this leading event-staffing company based in New York City. During his tenure as President, Metropolitan hosted a series of high profile events and expanded the company's services to a client roster of top New York businesses, to include office staffing for both temporary and full-time positions.

MedAffect, affiliate of Watertree Health

MedAffect is a third-party administrator and full-service provider specializing in business management and advisory services to Watertree Health.
Carol Rowbo, COO

Carol Rowbo is Chief Operations Officer of MedAffect, and runs Accounting & Financial Services, Human Resources, Sales Support Services and several other key specialty areas for the firm. In addition, Carol acts as COO for Watertree Health, where she was responsible for putting the finance, accounting, human resources and internal operations infrastructures in place when the company was founded. Prior to joining Watertree Health, she was a financial manager and advisor for select high-net-worth clients.

In 2005, Carol was personally recruited by the founder of Elite Models, John Casablanca, to become the VP of Finance and Administration for Elite's North America market. She redesigned the operating systems, working with developers from Microsoft and their partners–Infusion and Henson Group. From this project, Microsoft developed a case study that was presented by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the global launch of the Windows Vista operating system and 2007 release of Microsoft Office and Exchange Server. It was noted that this new system leveraged the enhanced functionality and robust new features of its latest technology.

Prior to joining Elite, Carol worked for Women, a top modeling agency in New York with a highly prized client roster of supermodels including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Elle MacPherson. When she came on board, there were widespread inefficiencies due to a lack of integration between its business and accounting functions. Carol took them from a “paper” system to a fully integrated system linking scouting, booking and financial systems that coordinated with the agency's European offices.

Before being whisked away to work for the Women agency, Carol had managed their account as an employee of Rosen Seymour Shapss Martin & Company (RSSM), a leading New York accounting firm where she was an audit manager from 1989 through 1996.  

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